Can Baking Paper Be Recycled?

In this modern world, we have many conveniences and one of these is mess-free baking thanks to the magic of baking paper (aka parchment paper). Like you, I have wondered what to do with a used piece of baking paper – can baking paper be recycled? if not, can baking paper be composted. The short answer is NO. 

Can Baking Paper Be Recycled?

Can baking paper be recycled – unfortunately not.

Baking paper has a thin lining, similar to coffee cups, which makes it difficult for the paper to be separated from the silicone coating.


Can Baking Paper Be Composted?

Can baking paper be composted – again, unfortunately not.

Again the silicone coating makes baking paper unsuited to composting. Whilst silicone is touted as safe for use with food, the same is not said for silicone in your food.


Alternatives to Baking Paper

The good news is that there are alternatives however the best alternative is a return to greasing pans and scrubbing them after use. 

For times when this is not an option then try the following items which are still not recyclable or compostable but can be used many times over:


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