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COVID-19 Pandemic Tips You Need to Know

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging and historic time for the world. In addition to the suffering and losses, the pandemic has also been a big step backwards in the fight to reduce single use items. In the health and prevention sector there has been a surge in use of disposable surgical masks and body screens. And in the food industry an increase in single use takeaway containers. Given all this, what can we do in the pandemic to reduce wastage? read on for the top 4 sustainability tips to reduce wastage.


Alternatives to the Humble Cotton Swab aka Q-tip aka Cotton Bud

Did you know that Q-tips should not be used to clean your ear? and that if you really need them for “non ear cleaning purposes” there are plastic free alternatives? and for those who really really must clean your ear then there are re-usable alternatives? So what are these alternatives to the cotton swab aka Q-tip aka cotton bud?


Why you should stop using soft plastic bait

As awareness in the impact of plastic pollution to waterways and the creatures that live there grows, an area of growing concern is the use of soft plastic baits. This article reviews the problem areas and provides guidance on soft plastic bait alternatives.