Recycling Aerosol Cans

Have you ever found yourself holding an empty aerosol can in your hand wondering which bin you should dispose of it in? This article on recycling aerosol cans will help you in that decision – quick answer, there is a 90% chance that you live in a local government area that accepts EMPTY aerosol cans for recycling. This is great news as Australians purchase over 250 million aerosol cans per year.

Yes, recycling aerosol cans in your yellow bin is a must when:

  • The can is empty. If not, then it will need to be disposed of based on the can contents.
  • The can is made of aluminium or steel. At this moment in time, this will be all the cans you have.
  • Your council accepts aerosol cans in the yellow recycling bin. This is easy to find out, just google your local council, call them, visit, or call the Recycling Hotline: 1300 733 712. AND if your council does not accept then lobby for change.

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